Dr. Md Amjad Hossain

Founder and Chairman A B Foundation

With a vision of "aiming to serve the poorest community" by spreading the light of education to the underprivileged population, providing them basic healthcare facilities and to support the disadvantaged freedom fighters A B Foundation started its journey.

A B Foundation works with people whose lives are dominated by extreme poverty, illiteracy, disease and other handicaps - with a view to build up multifaceted development interventions. The foundation strives to bring about positive changes in the quality of life in the society despite constraints of resource.
A B Foundation approaches poverty alleviation with a holistic approach. To empower the poor it started a residential school at Chirir Bander in Dinajpur district - one of the most disadvantaged parts of the country. The project is very successful and the students of the school are doing very well proving that they can come forward beyond their imagination.

Working as a Health Advisor of the Freedom Fighters Welfare Trust for long time, I have observed the miseries of deprived freedom fighters, who fought for the country at the cost of their lives. In return they are now wrecked ones lacking even the basic healthcare facilities. The foundation supports this neglected valuable persons in various ways.

The Orthopedic Care, Research and Rehab Centre, a project of the foundation at Mohammadpur in the capital is working to support the poor and disabled people by providing medical care, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

I am happy that through its ongoing and upcoming projects, the foundation is emerging as an independent, sustainable human development organization. Although it started at a small scale, A B Foundation endeavors to bring about change in lives of poor population at national level by its multidisciplinary programs. Now the foundation plans to expand its facilities and launch new projects.

As the foundation is running by limited financial resource at personal level, it is quite difficult to meet all the needs and materialize the dreams. So in order to achieve its goal, wherever necessary, A B Foundation welcomes partnerships with the community, like-minded organizations, governmental institutions, the private sector and development partners both at home and abroad.

Dr. Shamima Amjad

Vice President A B Foundation

The goal of the foundation from conception was to have a standard of excellence of all the activities conducted.
Selection of school staff was important so that the students would have the opportunity of achieving their maximum potential. Teacher applicants set test papers to assess their knowledge and suitability for appointment. Following this process the best teachers available were selected.

Continuing motivation of teachers, students and guardians contribute to the excellent result of the students who have excelled in the district. I am very happy that the foundation is going to be operational in other community sectors as well. I expect the success of the foundation in every sector and believe that it must contribute to the social development.